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Intellectual Property Right (IPR) is commonly understood as the right to protect the creation of human mind. These rights give statutory recognition to the moral and economic rights of creators in their creations.
In the commercial context, IPR has emerged as a multi-faceted device for wealth creation, acquisition of legitimate ownership of an invention, taking monopoly-market advantage, entry into the big league, bargaining power, talent attraction, making meaningful collaborations, image-building as a trustworthy organization and so on. As laws concerning intellectual property are already in place, the need of the hour is a specialized and expert consultancy service provider, having all kinds of expertise, which can manage and tap commercial potential of Intellectual Property (IP) and Intangible Assets (IA) with aptness keeping the client’s interest in mind and ensure maximization of returns on investment in IP and minimize the related risk and uncertainty.

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness that Intellectual Property (IP) assets can be monetized. IP can be sold, licensed, used as collateral or prime security for debt finance or it can be provided as an additional or alternative basis for seeking equity from private investors, venture capitalists, specialized banks and sometimes even from the regular banks. As the emphasis today has graduated from cost arbitrage and quality deliverables to R&D and IP creation, it is critical for any undertaking to understand the importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and add value to their businesses.
Realization of IP as business asset requires deep understanding and awareness on legal part of IPR as well as sensitization on how to protect, exploit and manage the same. We, at IP WIZZ, provide comprehensive range of services related to Intellectual Property (IP) and Intangible Assets  (IA).

With a team comprising of qualified professionals, having expertise in their respective fields, such as Chartered Accountants, Advocates, Patent & Trademark Attorneys, Engineers and other technical experts, we have served our clients with qualitative services in the area.
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